The Process


  1. When you order from us, you are ordering a custom jean skirt that will be made from carefully selected, restyled & recycled (or used) women/maternity/juniors/girls/infants blue jeans (or from jeans provided by you).
  2. The jeans (we will use) will be selected to fit the measurements that you provided.
  3. Since each body style is different, this requires proper measurements and selection. We do not make the entire skirt from scratch; we find jeans that we believe will give you the best fit possible (determined by your measurements). So it it vital that if you are custom ordering. You always provide us with proper measurements. That on be done here.
  4. Once chosen, the skirts are then marked for length, cut, seam ripped, pinned, sewn and serged by professional seamstresses using professional sewing equipment for an amazing finish.

Unless otherwise noted, all “LMJS Style” and “Custom Made to fit”Love My Jean Skirts are created from recycled, used and/or (sometimes) new jeans, skirts and other fabrics including; jeans, skirts and material provided by you