Ordering a LMJS

To order a Ready to Wear LMJS or non-LMJS skirt, just click on our SHOP HERE link and make your selection. Be sure to order the size based on your fit and/or measurements.


To order a Custom Made LMJS, please follow our measuring guidelines found on our MEASUREMENT link. Submit your measurements and style selection and the LMJS team will create your special skirt!

LMJS is committed to helping your dreams of modest, fashionable, comfortable, and cute jean skirts come to life! We LOVE making custom ordered skirts. You can choose from our LMJS Custom Designs or you can Contact Us with your very own design that you want us to make into a reality.

Ordering a Custom LMJS Creation

There are 2 Custom Order Options for you:

Option 1: Ordering a Custom “Made to Order” LMJS Design
Step 1:
Follow the link Custom “Made to Order” to view our unique and original LMJS designs
Step 2: On the left side bar, choose your size category
Step 3: Choose your favorite options by clicking on the picture of the skirt
Step 4: Choose your various options and add your selection to your cart
Step 5: Fill out the Submit Measurements form and send it to us

recycle reuse repurposed jeans

Option 2: Ordering a Custom LMJS Design or Customer Created Design Using YOUR Jeans
This option is for those who wish to refashion a pair of pants into a LMJS creation.

Step 1: Go to our CUSTOM ORDER page and use the discount codes or calculate cost with discount based on shipping.

 You will HAVE to CONTACT US if you are ordering skirts in separate styles. For tracking purposes, we need to use different codes based on the different discount amount offered. If you are doing this, we will create a custom order invoice and email that to you.

Step 2: Tag each pair of pants you are shipping with your name, order number, and skirt style. If you have ordered more than one skirt, you will need tag EACH pair of pants you are sending in to be refashioned.
Step 3: Fill out and print off the Customer Information Sheet and include it in the box

Step 4: Print off the shipping label, attach it to the box and then ship to:

Love My Jean Skirt
116 N. 3rd St.
Hannibal, MO 63401

Step 5: LMJS will email you when the box has arrived at the shop. If you ordered over the phone or via email we will invoice you. If we have any questions we will contact you via email or phone.

Step 6: LMJS will email you when your fabulous new modest up-cycled jean skirts have been shipped. A tracking number will be included in the email.

If you have any questions or need to know how much denim/fabric you need to provide for your skirt(s), you can  Contact Us Here.

To order a skirt made from your recycled jeans (or pants) please click on our RECYCLE YOUR JEANS link and follow the instructions.

We are the leader in this industry and our services/skirts are in very high demand.  Our staff is limited and we are adding on as quickly as possible, please exercise patience when ordering.


The Creation Process of a Love My Jean Skirt

Denim Rose Ruffle

Denim Rose Ruffle

Unless otherwise noted, all Love My Jean Skirts are created from recycled (sometimes new) jeans. We work very hard to get your order done as quickly as possible!

When you order from us, you are ordering a custom jean skirt that will be made from carefully selected, restyled & recycled (or used) women/maternity/juniors/girls/infants blue jeans. The jeans will be selected to fit your body type. Since each body style is different, this requires proper measurements and selection. We do not make the entire skirt from scratch; we find jeans that we believe will give you the best fit possible (determined by your measurements).

Once chosen, the skirts are then marked for length, cut, seam ripped, pinned, sewn and serged by seamstresses using professional sewing equipment. Because we are restyling and recycling jeans, the skirt inseams may slightly fray or ravel after the first few washings. Feel free to trim any excess if this occurs.

Please keep this in mind when you order. The Denim Rose Ruffle or the Rockin’ Ruffle skirts (for example) require us to find denim fabric to match so that the skirt has a professional looking finish to it. At times this can be an easy or somewhat difficult process depending on the style you’re looking for.



Caring for Your Love My Jean Skirt

Although we guarantee our workmanship, we cannot be responsible for construction issues caused by the original manufacturer. To avoid these issues, we are very careful in the selection process of jeans used to make our skirts.

Please read the manufacturer’s label for care. In washing our specialty skirts, ruffles should be treated as delicate, washed on delicate, and laid flat to dry.

When caring for our lace skirts, we recommend you “dry clean only” in order to extend the life and quality of the skirt. When washed in a machine the lace can become damaged and the edges can turn up. If you need to dry the skirt yourself, we recommend you dry on low heat and press or air dry.

LMJS-Feb4_0026    LMJS-Feb4_0035w

**Although the need for gentle care applies to skirts with lace or ruffles, you can follow these guidelines for all skirts.**


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