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The Styles of Love My Jean Skirt

Current Jean Skirt Options:

We offer our jeans skirts in a wide variety of lengths, sizes, and styles, including maternity skirts! All LMJS creations are re-purposed and restyled (from jeans and other pants) at the Love My Jean Skirt Boutique & Sewing Shop, located in Hannibal, Mo. We begin each One of a Kind jean skirt with a pair of carefully selected jeans (or pants) and then professionally restyle and re-craft it to a fashionable, comfortable, and modest LMJS skirt you will want to wear every day.

“Ready to WearLMJS Style skirts. These quality jean skirts are my creations that are in stock and waiting for you

Custom Made to Ordermodest jean skirts from restyled new and/or used jeans.

Recycle YOUR Jeans One of my most exciting options allows you to send me your favorite jeans for restyling.
This is the perfect option for those favorite jeans you can’t part with, or even a pair that fits great but the legs are too short, bottoms are torn, or leg fit isn’t right.
Give those comfy jeans new life with our One of a Kind “Jeans to Skirt” transformation!
**this option includes discount pricing**

 scipture  Denim Rose

NON LMJS Options:

In order to meet the needs of all our customers, LMJS also offers a few options of carefully selected pre-made and/or gently used jean skirts.

New Skirts (NOT from jeans) These skirts have been manufactured by other companies (NOT LMJS)

Gently Used jean skirts  High Quality recycled skirts (hand-picked by us) that are in excellent and gently USED condition.

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 Gently Used Maternitypurple flowers

Ordering a Love My Jean Skirt

Please follow the link to learn about the creation and ordering process of a LMJS skirt.

The Heart of Love My Jean Skirt

To honor God

To provide today’s fashion conscious ladies with a variety of modern and modest jean skirts that look and feel great.

To recognize and work with each unique body, style, and budget

To ensure that each customer is pleased with LMJS’ beautiful HIGH QUALITY creations

Denim Rose Ruffle

The Story of Love My Jean Skirt

The idea for Love My Jean Skirt began because of Theresa Drazba’s, owner and designer of LMJS, need to find both modest and fashionable jean skirts for herself and her 5 daughters. The first LMJS skirt was designed and created as an at-home project in 2009. Theresa and her girls loved it and, much to her surprise, so did a lot of other women! The Princess Skirt  was a HIT and many ladies asked if a skirt could be made for them. Theresa began making a few skirts here and there for friends and family. Others started noticing the skirts’ unique style and durable quality and demand for her creations skyrocketed!

With a rapidly growing fan base, she knew she needed a business plan. Theresa contacted SCORE, and less than a year later Love My Jean Skirt (LMJS) had its name, was incorporated, funding was obtained to buy new equipment, and the retail boutique & shop was open.

Love My Jean Skirt has been in its retail location in downtown Hannibal Missouri, since April 2011. Of course, as with any new business developed in the heart of a recession, LMJS has been faced with a host of challenges. But God has been faithful and, despite the hurdles, this young business has grown immensely since its humble beginning in that spare bedroom of Theresa’s home.
The LMJS team is very proud of the fact that EVERY Love My Jean Skirt design is original. Each was created and designed by Theresa Drazba. If you see similar designs, it is very likely that their inspiration was found here.

What started as one women’s desire to fill a need for her family, evolved into a driving passion to help fulfill that need for others as well. This driving passion for one has turned into a team of people committed to facing any challenge that lies ahead. Here at Love My Jean Skirt we believe,

“With God ALL Things are Possible…”


The Designer and Owner of Love My Jean Skirt

Born and raised in small town USA – Hannibal, MO, Theresa was brought up in a simple, traditional family where creativity was a way of life. At a very young age, Theresa learned the value of re-purposing items with a creative flair as a way to provide for the family. Her father used his artistic ability to skillfully draw and paint signs for many local small businesses. Grandma transformed old shirts and torn jeans into functional items for the family. Theresa especially enjoyed sitting on her grandfather’s knee as she watched him repair old sewing machines.

Although young, Theresa loved to channel her own creative energy into sewing by hand. At age 5, Theresa began hand-making doll clothes and other small items. Being quite the little perfectionist, this hobby often bred frustration. Convinced that her problem would be solved if she had a real sewing machine, at the age of six, she begged for one for Christmas. Though reluctant to buy a 6 year-old a sewing machine, her parents gave in and on that Christmas Morning, a seamstress was born.

It didn’t come as much of a surprise that by middle school Theresa excelled in Home Economics class, a class intended to develop and teach young people practical skills such as sewing and managing a home. The class added some technique to her already growing drive and creativity. At the age of 19, Theresa skillfully used the Sunday paper to create a pattern and transformed old fabric into a fashionable and modest skirt. One of her younger brothers, being an entrepreneur himself, was impressed by her skill and creativity. He suggested she create her own clothing line. Theresa scoffed at the idea, not because she didn’t like it (it was, in fact, her dream) but because all her technique, creativity, and drive had yet to build in her a belief in herself and her ability.

Over the next several years, Theresa married and had children. She devoted her time and passion to her most coveted role of wife and mother. It was always her desire to be a stay-at-home mom, but with 10 children there was always a need to make extra money. The heritage passed on to her from her parents and grandparents allowed Theresa to find ways to bring in extra income while remaining at home with her children. She sold everything from lingerie to Tupperware. She marketed legal plans and dental plans. She was a part of several multi-level marketing companies, which gave her the opportunity to be mentored by some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the industry. However, even though there was ability and potential for success, Theresa burned out quickly. This was because she failed to realize she had all the skills she needed but her true desire was to build something of her own.

After the majority of her kids were grown up, or in school, Theresa had the room and time to revisit her old hobby. After seeing a growing need for modest skirts in her own family, church, and community, Theresa began making them. Transforming something old into something new, as she had seen her grandmother do all those years ago, inspired her. A dream business that was a lifetime in the making and the result of much prayer, support and encouragement from friends and family, was born– Theresa would begin Love My Jean Skirt in October of 2009 .

Theresa now firmly believed what she did not truly understand at the age of 19, “With God ALL things are possible.” When you are truly in HIS will, He will open doors that no man can. With a heart and passion for people and a desire to please God, Theresa believes she is following God’s will for her life. She had to realize that God is able to take dreams and turn them into a reality.

To God be the Glory.


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