How To Measure


We want your Love My Jean Skirt to be modest and fit  well.

Measuring to ensure the right fit is the MOST important part of  the ordering  process.

Please follow these steps to ensure a great fit:

We have found the most accurate way to measure  is by measuring a jean skirt (or jeans) that fit you well.

To begin you will need 3 things.

  • A jean skirt or jeans (you wear) that fit you well.
  •  A tape measure.
  • A hard flat surface to lay your tape measure and skirt (or jeans) on.

How to measure: WAIST

1. Lay your tape measure down horizontal on flat surface.
2. Grab and hold the corners of the waistband (without stretching or allowing the front to scoop).

20121124 115319 300x204 How To Measure

3. Without letting go, lay the waistband down against the surface right under the tape measure.

Your waist measurement will be double the flat measurement. For instance this skirt measures 15 1/2″ across. To get the waist measurement I had to double that. Doubling that makes the actual waist band  measurement  31 “.

How to measure: WAIST to HIPS

1. Start with the top of your side seam waist band (be sure you are wearing a skirt that is the most comfortable fit for you).

20121124 11493522 239x300 How To Measure

2. Decide the widest part of your hips and measure from the top of your side seam waistband down to that point.


(For most women this will be approximately 6″-8″ down. Jr/Misses will be around  5″-7″ down),        waistthip 262x300 How To Measure

This is  your WAIST TO HIP measurement.

How to measure: HIPS

Things to consider for modesty sake: To keep with modesty principles, it is important to decide how fitting you want your jean skirt to be. As you measure your hips, keep in mind, our measurements will typically be within 1″ or less of that measurement. If you are concerned about the fit, you may want to consider adding more inches to accommodate your modesty preference. In doing so, if the discrepancy becomes more than 6 inches between your waist & hips, it may be necessary for us to take in (by placing darts)your waist band (we will ask you before doing so). Keep in mind, the more discrepancy, the harder it is to find jeans to fit your order and the longer it can take to get your order complete.

This one is more tricky and can be done a couple of ways.

1. Using your waist to hip measurement follow the “Measuring Yourself”  steps (bottom of the page) if you do not have a sample jean skirt to measure.

2. Using your waist to hip measurement, lay your jean skirt on a flat surface and measure the top of the side seam down to the waist to hip measurement point then measure across. EX: If the widest part  of your hip is 6″ down from the top of your side seam you would measure that down to that point on your skirt (laying flat).

20121124 12035111 225x300 How To Measure

3. Once you have marked that point, you would then measure across . This would give you a flat measurement. You would again double that measurement for a total. EX: So 18.5″ across, you would double that and your hip measurement would be 37″.

20121124 120421 300x215 How To Measure



How to measure:: Length

This can be done a couple ways as well.

1.  You can use an existing skirt for a sample length. To do this, you could lay the skirt down on a flat surface and measure side seam down to the length you want.


2. While standing up (straight with your feet together), you could have someone measure (side seam) down to the desired length. The most important things to keep in mind is that we use side seam measurement for length.

20121124 131609 200x300 How To Measure


Keeping it Modest:  In deciding a short “modest” length what seems to work (and keep the knee covered when sitting) is by using by using the spot that ends the bottom of the knee. This seems to work most often and for Love My Jean Skirt we believe that a skirt should NEVER be shorter than this.

kneemodesty1 210x300 How To Measure



Now you can go here to “Submit Your Measurements”.

Below is a “How to Measure Yourself” tutorial. The is good to use when not skirt sample is available.

1. First measure around your waist wherever you want the waistband of your jean skirt to be. Don’t pull the tape measure tightly. We want to know how big your waist is, not how big you want it to be. This is your waist measurement. DSCN15191 300x225 How To Measure

DSCN1503 300x225 How To Measure



Put a straight pin or safety pin on your side at this height.



2. Now measure around the widest part of your hips. DSCN15042 300x225 How To MeasureThis is your hip measurement.






DSCN1510 300x225 How To MeasurePut a pin on your side at this height as well.






3. Now measure the vertical distance between the two pins. This is your waist to hip measurement. DSCN15132 e1330726518346 225x300 How To Measure










4. Finally, measure from the top pin down the side of your leg to determine your skirt length. For a Love My Jean Skirt style modest skirt the hem should be at least under your knee. DSCN15171 e1330726619967 225x300 How To Measure

Now you can submit your measurements here with a smile, knowing we will make a custom jean skirt just for you that’s going to fit great!