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Welcome to the Recycle & Transform your Jeans Page

Love My Jean Skirt is a small “indie” company located in the heart of America’s favorite hometown, Hannibal, Missouri.

We offer AMAZING jean skirts from artistically and professionally upcycled jeans.

Discounts are given for providing YOUR jeans or other pants* for your order.
* Please NO polyester. Jeans, pants, or cords provided must be at least 50% cotton.

25% OFF for providing jeans for a basic skirt (any length) Use code: 25basic
30% OFF for providing jeans and extra denim for center (this can be another pair of jeans) Use code: 30longcust
30% OFF for providing your jeans for any custom design Use code:30longcust
35% off for providing both the jeans and the extra denim/fabric needed for a custom skirt. Use code: 35custom

Rules to Remember

Discounts cannot be combined
Separate orders MUST be submitted for recycled jean skirt orders
Email us for a Custom Order Request if:
* You need to order or purchase another item for which you are NOT providing jeans
* You need to use a separate discount code for multiple items
Ordering a skirt made from YOUR recycled jeans

Step 1: Go to our CUSTOM ORDER page and use the discount codes or calculate cost with discount based on shipping. (You will need to choose your size category and then choose from the skirts that say “custom order” on them).
PLEASE NOTE: You will HAVE to CONTACT US if you are ordering skirts in separate styles. For tracking purposes, we need to use different codes based on the different discount amount offered. If you are doing this, we will create a custom order invoice and email that to you. Please DO NOT EMAIL us. All contact MUST go through the Contact Us link.

Step 2: After you have placed your order and you are ready to mail your jeans (and fabric), be sure to mark each pair of jeans (pants, khaki’s or cords) with the style of skirt and length you have ordered.
Step 3: Be sure to include all your contact information (address, phone & email) and box them up.

Step 4: Then ship them to:

Love My Jean Skirt
116 N. 3rd St.
Hannibal, MO 63401
Step 5: LMJS will email you when the box has arrived at the shop. If we have any questions we will contact you.

Step 6: LMJS will email you when your fabulous new modest up-cycled jean skirts have been shipped. A tracking number will be included in the email.

If you have any questions regarding anything you don’t understand here, or need to know how much denim/fabric you need to provide for your skirt(s), you can  Contact Us Here.

Be sure to review our policies before ordering
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