Measuring to ensure the right fit is the MOST important part of the ordering process.


Please follow these steps to ensure a great fit:


We have found the most accurate way to measure is by measuring a jean skirt (or jeans) that fits you well.


To begin you will need 3 things.


  • A jean skirt (or jeans) or durable skirt (similar to denim)  that fits you well.
  • A flexible tape measure.
  • A hard flat surface to lay your tape measure and skirt (or jeans) on.

OPTION A: Waistband of a skirt or pair of jeans


Lay your tape measure down horizontally on a flat surface.
Grab and hold the corners of the waistband (without stretching or allowing the front to scoop).
Without letting go, lay the waistband down against the surface right under the tape measure.


Your waist measurement will be double the flat measurement.


For instance this skirt measures 15 1/2? across, doubling that makes the actual waist band measurement  31 “.

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OPTION B: Measurement of your actual waist
Where you measure depends on where you like the waistband of your skirt to fit. Choose one of the fit options below and measure the circumference of your waist at the desired point.




HIGH RISE: If you wear your skirts around your natural waist (this usually where the crease is when you bend or a few inches above your navel). This is considered a HIGH RISE and this is where you should measure around.
** recommended for older women, women who want to HIDE the belly or anyone who is long legged with a shorter torso with more curves in the hip area**


MID RISE: If you wear your skirts somewhere between your hips and navel, you wear a mid-rise.
**recommended for Misses sizes or post baby and works great from the average 20’s to 30’s lady who wants to keep it trendy and still flattering**


LOW RISE: If your skirts sit on your hips (typically a few inches below the navel), then you wear low rise.
**recommended for Junior sizes or girls. NOT recommended for anyone who has a belly they wish to hide**




Things to consider for modesty sake: To keep with modesty principles, it is important to decide how fitted you want your jean skirt to be. As you measure your hips, keep in mind, our measurements will typically be within 1″ or less of the measurement you provide. If you are concerned about the fit, you may want to consider adding more inches to accommodate your modesty preference. In doing so, if the discrepancy becomes more than 6 inches between your waist & hips, it may be necessary for us to take in your waist band . We do this by placing darts in the skirt. We will ask your permission before doing this.
ALSO: Keep in mind, the greater the discrepancy, the harder it is to find jeans to fit your order and the longer it can take to complete your order.

There are two ways to measure your hips

Option A: Measuring Yourself

Your hip measurement is taken at the widest point of your hips (around the rear).
Simply take a cloth measuring tape, wrap it around your hips (including your rear). Be sure the tape is not cutting into your skin.
Your measurement is taken where the tip of the tape touches the part wrapping around your body.


Option B: Measuring Your Skirt (Down and Across method)

Take your tape and measure DOWN from the top of the waistband (at side seam) to your Hip to Waist measurement

Place your finger at that spot. Take your measuring tape and measure ACROSS the width of the skirt. This is your FLAT MEASUREMENT

Double your flat measurement and that is your new Hip Measurement




Option A: Measure Your Skirt
Lay your skirt on a flat surface. Measure from the top of the waistband AT THE SIDE SEAM down to the bottom of the skirt.

Option B: Measure Yourself
While standing up (straight with your feet together), have someone measure from your desired waist fit point AT THE SIDE SEAM down to the desired length.
The most important things to keep in mind is that we use side seam measurement for length.


Keeping it Modest:


LMJS is all about providing you modest and feminine jean skirts. Finding the correct length for a short modest skirt that works and keep the knees covered when sitting is vital. We have found the best method is to measure to the spot where the knee ends. (This seems to be a consistently successful measurement).

Now you can….


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